If anyone knows, I LOVE HALLOWEEN!

Halloween is something that comes but once a year, except for those (like me) who love to ghost hunt! Ghost Hunting is like Halloween EVERY single day.

I love ghost hunting, and its something that my family doesn’t really approve of, but we don’t talk about that or some other things too. I will say this, I have had some close calls with some ghost hutnings I have been on, and those will be told during the 31 Nights of Halloween coming October 1st – 31st this year.

Ghost Hunting – For Free

I know a lot of people or groups will charge an a** load of money JUST to see if there is something haunted. In fact, some will charge a daily fee if they have to stay longer than 24 hours. Me? NOT SO MUCH

I love ghost hunting and I love people and so with the type of job I have, I have had a lot of customers tell me that if I am not at work, they won’t stop in or anything.

So, in saying that, I do some things for free, I do love donations and so much stuff… Now, if I ever started a Ghost Hunting Group, it would be purely donations only.

Who’s Ready for Halloween?!?!?!


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