What Is the Longhorn Caverns?

The Longhorn Caverns is a Limestone Cave formed by the cutting action of an underground river that receded thousands of years. As part of the tour they have, they did note that before this became a tourist attraction, the cavern was used by Indians, Confederate Soldiers and Outlaws, including Outlaw Sam Bass.

During the tour, it was said that the Bat Droppings was used as a hard form of gun powder since the droppings when put in water, makes some type of very explosive ingredient.

How long was the tour?

The tour is actually set at 90 Minutes, but can go longer depending on the tour guide. Our tour guide was really cool and really smart about the caverns. It was amazing to see how she quickly got us engaged with learning about the caverns., she even got the kids engaged too!

They do tours every 15 minutes, and will last 90 minutes. Our tour started at 12:30 PM and ended right at 2:00 PM which was CRAZY! Our tour guide was so awesome, she took pictures of my family and trust me, you will see me in there, hidden like “Where’s Waldo”

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