Friday, Saturday and Sunday

So, many people and families will do a once a year reunion, and that is what is gonna happen this coming weekend! And let me tell you, I am so stoked about it!

But, I am sure you are wondering why I have a Featured Image of a cave like structure right? Well, here in Texas, as far as I am aware of, there are two Cavern State Parks. The one I will be going to is Longhorn Caverns.

Longhorn Caverns

This place is like literally out in the middle of nowhere, but, this place is so beautiful. I mean, if you are like me and partner, you love what nature has to offer. Just like zoo’s, it shows what the world has to offer while also viewing the historic animals at a safe distance.

So, as a kid I would go to this other cavern here in Texas near Austin (state capital) called Natural Bridge Caverns. That place has 2 big metal doors, one that opens to the world, you step in, they close it and dehumidify and then open the second door, this helps keep the beauty of the caverns at their peak. This also helps keep the toxins in the outside world from destroying all the natural wonders this place offers.

My Other Favorite Cavern

In New Mexico there is this place called Carlsbad Caverns which is WAY bigger than the ones here in Texas. And you actually go DEEP into the earth, and once you travel into the cave, you can feel the moisture and humidity fall so much and then it gets cooler!

If you are ever in New Mexico and you want something fun, entertaining and also educational for the kids, Click Here for more info!