Slender Man

Disclaimer: This post is about an Urban Legend that was created in 2009. There is one major incident in 2014 that this posts is about.

Who is the Slender Man?

Slender Man is a Fictional Supernatural Character that was created by Eric Knudsen aka “Victor Surge” from Creepypasta Wiki in 2009. The way Slender Man is described as a tall, slim, pale to white skin, pretty much a humanoid like features from no face to wearing an all black suite.

Some have said that he stalks, abduct and even traumatizing people, especially children, which is a very interesting aspect just like the Boogie Man. Could these two have some type of resemblance?

2014 Incident

In 2014, a young girl was stabbed 19 times (according to news reports) in the town of Waukesha, Wisconsin. Payton Leutner was the victim that was stabbed. At the time, Payton was 12 years old.

According to the HBO Documentary “Beware the Slenderman”, the two girls, Anissa and Morgan premeditated the attack beforehand and on May 31, 2014, they carried out their plans

The Sentencing

The following is taken from Wikipedia

In 2017, Weier pleaded guilty to being a party to attempted second-degree homicide; a jury then found her “not guilty by mental disease or defect”. Geyser accepted a plea offer under which she would not go to trial and would be evaluated by psychiatrists to determine how long she should be placed in a mental hospital. She later pleaded guilty and was found not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect.
Anissa Weier was sentenced to 25-years-to-life, an indeterminate sentence involving at least three years locked confinement and involuntary treatment in a state psychiatric institute, followed by communal supervision until age 37.

 Her accomplice, Morgan Geyser, was sentenced to the maximum 40-years-to-life, an indeterminate sentence involving at least three years locked confinement, in addition to involuntary treatment in a state psychiatric institute until complete resolution of symptoms or until age 53, whichever may happen first; followed by continued communal supervision, periodic reevaluations and/or re institution and further treatment as-needed as required by the sentence imposed.

In 2018, a Wisconsin judge sentenced Geyser to 40 years under mental health facility’s supervision. While Geyser will periodically have the opportunity to petition for her release from a mental health facility in the future, she will remain under institutional care for the duration of the sentence. During her trial, Geyser had been committed to the Winnebago Mental Health Institute and was the youngest patient there.

Impact from Social Media on Children

The following is taken from Wikipedia

The stabbing resulted in extensive debate about the role of the Internet in society and its impact on children. Russell Jack, Waukesha Police Chief, said that the stabbing “should be a wake-up call for all parents”, adding that the Internet “is full of information and wonderful sites that teach and entertain”, but that it “can also be full of dark and wicked things”.

John Egelhof, a retired agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, argued that the Internet had become a “blackhole” with the ability to expose children to a more sinister world.He suggested that the best way to avoid future incidents was for parents to keep track of their children’s web habits and to educate them on the differences between right and wrong.

 Shira Chess, an assistant professor of mass media arts at the University of Georgia, stated that creepypasta was no more dangerous than stories about vampires or zombies. She argued that creepypasta websites were beneficial, and that they gave people the opportunity to become better writers.

What are your thoughts about this? Does Social Media have control over the younger children in today’s generation?


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