This post is about an ongoing threat to our world that is now common and part of life to many people and families. These statistics are from DrugAbuse.gov

Why Post about This?

This is not just an ordinary or normal post, this is about a disease that is crippling not only America but everyone country, every town, every country side in the world. We all have our stories, and mine will be told very soon!

2018 Drug Statistics

Based on DrugAbuse.gov, the yearly estimate on Prescription Opioids was at $26 Billion for Healthcare and $78.5 Billion OVERALL. All this can contribute to crime, loss of work productivity and even major health issues.

Think about it, if you a person on Heroin wanted to stop using and some healthcare provider gave this a Magic Drug to cure them, but there is a catch. You can’t use any other drug and it will cost the tax payers, on average (per year) up to $80 Billion a year just to get you clean.

Scenario 2

You are addicted to 3 different horribly deadly drugs, and the only way to combat that is to send you to a rehab center (at a cost of $90 Billion a year, for tax payers) and you can’t leave, can’t talk to anyone (but those at the rehab center)

My Story

On April 14, 2006, I was robbed at gun point working overnight at a gas station. I was at the hospital and was given a bottle of Benadryl of 50 mg for each pill. I decided, that since I didn’t want to feel anymore or face the world, I would take 2 50 mg. But that shortly took a different turn, I was addicted to Benadryl and let me tell ya, I couldn’t function at all

After the pills ran out, the withdrawals began and it was hell. I would bribe others for money or pawn my stuff just to make sure I was good. at the age of 36 (soon 37) I have been clean since I was 24, and it has taken a toll not only on me, but school also.

We all live in a life that is hard or unbearable, but we all must be strong and stay focused on us and making sure we stay good and clean!


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