Texas Weather

Hey Y’all!

Hope everyone is doing well, now I am gonna give a little info about what’s been going on where I live. And this can be a little scary for ya….

Thunderstorms, Hail and More!

So recently, we have had a little issue with the atmospheric energy becoming a little unstable. Let me break it down for ya. For those who don’t live near any type of coast, there are things that we have to look out for with storms.

  • Moisture
  • Fronts
  • Dew Points

And so much more!

So this is how our storms have started, 2 weeks ago to now. So, the first round of storms came in with a weak cold front, usually in the winter this brings snow, blizzards and more. During the spring and summer, they bring tornadoes, hail and thunderstorms.

So the weak front came in from the Northwest part of the US and once these fronts move across from West to East, they have to go over the Rockies, where most of the storms can form.

Like our storms recently, the fronts moved across the Rockies and mixed with our high dew points, once this happened it caused a disturbance in the atmosphere over Texas and started to form LOW pressures which can cause major storm issues.

May 2, 2019

As I was at work before the storm came through, I was outside and in the distance it started to get dark, and when I say dark, like you know it’s gonna rain. Right before the storm hit, you could feel a temp difference from 80 down to 65 in less than 10 minutes which can indicate severe storm status.

What to look for…

If you are somewhere, where there is no cell service or Wi-Fi service, be sure to look at the sky. You will know what to look for, like Anvils or like a volcano just erupted. LISTEN for thunder, if you notice the sounds are getting louder or closer, move inside. This can indicate a strong storm. I know most place have Sirens in place just in case they need to warn people. If you know there are some near you, be sure to listen for it!