Cherry Picking

What is Cherry Picking?

Cherry Picking is a term used to describe those who pick and chose what they want to believe, say and do. This is not when you go to a cherry farm and pick cherries, although cherries sounds good about now.

What’s Happened…

Since the inauguration of Trump into Office, people of the religious sector are starting to cherry pick what they want to say, do and feel. Just to make this clear, NOT every Christian is like that.

After finding my family, a few people added me on Facebook and my cousins wife stated this something and it struck me really hard. Unfortunately, I do not have the screen shot of the post but here is the replay to the post….

But doesn’t the word of god say “Love They Neighbor”? There are a lot of things in the Bible that most people don’t abide by like sex before marriage, divorces and so many other things.

Her reply was this

I won’t argue the Word of God with you (by the way the name God is with a big G), I personally love everyone but I don’t have to love the things they do or their lifestyle. So we can just agree to disagree. I have nothing against you or how you live. Your Mom (name removed) has been a dear friend for years and I don’t want that to change. (hug emoji)

my reply was this

Why would it change anything? Family is family regardless if it’s through adoption or marriage. And I’ve studied the bible too, my dad is an ex preacher so it really bugs me when people say “I love everyone” but not who they are. See that is where a lot of Christians (with a capital C) get things messed up. I left the church because of that crap and because people are afraid of the changing world. I have nothing against you, since I am new to the family, but stuff like this gets under my skin…

The Truth of the matter is….

We all have to defend ourselves, which at times, gets very stressful. Like with me, having to defend myself to a bigot Christian who thinks they are above everyone else is the biggest BS in this world. I am sorry if that has offended anyone, but I am who I am… A Gay Man living in a Super Sensitive world.

What are your thoughts?