What does FREE* actually mean?

In today’s world, we have FREE ineternet, FREE electricity, FREE phones and phone service, almost everything is FREE, but what is in the fine print that NO ONE really reads?

If you notice, if you sign up for free email, there are “Terms of Service” in which they describe to you what you can do with the service and how it can affect you and others. Examples are below

  1. You cannot use the free service to SPAM – meaning you cannot send out a butt load of emails to thousands of people, because when you do, and they block the (for example) email, they are actually blocking the domain name.
  2. You can use some services for free or in what some call a “Freemium” meaning they allow for premium services but then if you want more advanced stuff, you gotta pay. For example: SecureAge is an anti malware program that can be downloaded and its basically a FREEMIUM, but if you want features like Firewall, On-Access Antivirus then you gotta pay.

What about Privacy?

Good Question and here are my ideas and thoughts about using free services (other than WordPress)….

  1. Some services actually let their AD Partners track you and let them use that information to provide a better website experience
  2. Some services (like Gmail) might still scan your email to provide a more customized ad experience.

What can I do to stop this?

YAY! You have asked the right person!

  1. Use McAfee Site Advisor
  2. Use Avira Safe Browser (with Ad Blocker)
  3. WOT (Web Of Trust)
  4. AdGuard
  5. Ublcok Origin

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