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Native American Deities…


Malsumis is a Native American spirit that is HIGHLY malevolent. If you are not familiar with what malevolent is, it is a very evil spirit. In Abenaki Mythology, this is a god of thorns.

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According to legend, after Tabaldak created humans, the dust from his hand created Gluskab and some versions say that he also created Gluskab’s twin sibling, Malsumis. Tabaldak gave Gluskab the power to create a good world. Malsumis, on the other hand, did the opposite, and still seeks evil to this day. Malsumis is the evil sister of Gluskab, who was created from the dust of the creation of man. While she and Gluskab both had the power to do good, Malsumis used his power for evil and trickery, like putting thorns on plants. While Gluskab protects man, Malsumis uses her power to plot the end of man to this very day.

Imagine you go to a party, and there’s cheesecake. You cut the cheesecake and take a bite, only to realize it is filled with bees. That is what Malsumis is like. Then someone comes up, and they’re like, “I have bee poison.” They put it in the cake and kill the bees, but then it’s poisonous. Then they say, “I also have the antidote. It will make it safe, but some bees will live.” So now you have a cake with bees that may or may not sting you.

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Just like a clown, this spirit is a trickster. This is a good example of another malevolent spirit. Some research I have done, this is a spirit of the Abenakie mythology, this is mainly in the New England and Southern Quebec area is a raccoon.

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There is an Abenaki story where a woman names her six dogs after their characteristics. She named one of the dogs Azeban. This woman Cedar Girl of the Abenaki [Dawn Land People] naming her dog “Azeban” has caused some confusion, causing people to assume the Abenaki trickster figure is a dog, not realizing she called the dog Azeban because he has the characteristics of the raccoon, the actual Abenaki Trickster figure.

In the story the dog Azeban is one of a litter of six dogs born to Awasosqua (Bear Woman). The others are Awasosis (Little Bear), Kwaniwibid (Long Tooth), Mikwe (Squirrel), Moosis(Little Moose) and Soksemo (Good Nose). All the spirits in Awasosqua’s broods are dogs, and are named after their characteristics.

In Migian, Azeban is a trickster raccoon dog named Amarst.

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