This is where I live

I live in Texas, and sometimes the best time to visit is the spring. Not only for its nice spring like weather but because we have BLUEBONNETS. Bluebonnets are not flowers, instead it is a weed that is native to most states in the US. They vary in colors from Pink, Purple and Blue (like those in Texas).

But the one thing that does happen in Spring in Texas is that we have severe weather. With this, we have tornadoes, severe thunderstorms (producing large hail) and major flooding.

In hopes that this year doesn’t produce that many storms, I am hoping to get out and take pics for everyone. But in the likelihood of severe weather and in protecting my life and others, I may not post during such times.

Tomorrow, Friday, April 5 we are foretasted to have severe weather in which I will be at work during such time. In the event of such items, you can rest assured that living in the most craziest climate ever, I will be safe.

Here are just some videos about our weather here in Texas 🙂