Spring Is Here!

Since spring is here, and most of us are within the Spring Time on the US/Canada and Mexico sides, it’s usually a time for cleaning. You know, remove the old, clean the house, open the windows and so much like that. Well just like that, MNSD or Matt’s Not Secret Blog will be going through a SPRING cleaning in the next few weeks. So you are probably asking yourself why, below are the answers

What Changes are Coming?

Okay, so I am wanting to do a lot of stuff this year from Paranormal Weekends to Relationships and other stuff. I want to do this because I wanna make sure this blog the best blog out there!

Paranormal Weekends

Ever feel that you might be watched or someone is looking at you? Maybe it’s your mind going crazy OR it could be something more paranormal.

Welcome to Paranormal Weekends, with personal experiences, YouTube Videos and even TV Shows.

Adoption, The Series

I will be running a year long series called “Adoption, The Series” which will follow me through my life of being adopted and finding my biological family. So get the tissues ready and come along for the journey!

More, More and MORE!

So, as most of you know, I do this blog on my own time, and usually when I have time, and I love writing and I want to share my passion, but I need a little help! So I will soon sign up with Patreon to help me along with get things going like a better plan for my hosting and possibly a lot more!

When will this happen?

All this will gradually roll out over the next month, so you can expect to see a new theme and a whole lot more