Is it a feeling?

Some would say that it is a feeling, that has been programmed into our DNA as a way of survival. This, on different levels, can be true. What if we took all the hate out of the world what else are we left with? Fear, Love, Worry, Anxiety and so much more.

Once you look at everything, all the feelings and emotions are connected somehow, but we can never really figure out how. It is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack, which is really hard to do.

But, how can we really tell if we are in TRUE love or just love?

True of Not?

In the generation and year that we live in now, it is really hard to tell if it is true love or just love. As we become more digital and find relationships at the palm of our hands, we find ourselves looking for love in ALL the WRONG PLACES!

I will admit, I grew up not knowing what the internet was until Juno (if that shows you how old I am) came out with Free Internet. But even then, the internet took like FOREVER to load a page.

Today, we have advanced fiber optic internet and even wireless internet (phone, tablets) and we can easily find “love” within 25 miles (40.23 km) of where we are.

Looking or Not?

I will say this, I have tried the whole online dating thing, and it isn’t what it seems to be. Some dating sites lure you in with nice graphics, colors and even commercials and ad’s. What they don’t share with you is how much money they make OFF YOU! So I will break it down for you!

From they did a post by Quentin Fottrell and it is titled “10 things dating sites won’t tell you” published on April 19, 2015 (4 years old).

How much does love cost

According to the highest fee is $60 at followed by $42 at – So let’s break this down….

For a full 6 months (the basic way they charge) you are paying $360 (plus tax if applicable) for 6 months of maybe using their app or site for maybe 10 times out of the 6 months… WRONG!

For a full 6 months (the basic way they charge) you are paying $252 (plus tax if applicable) for 6 months, and during which time you may use this one about 3 months out of the 6 months you paid.

So let’s break it down…. $60 is for a month, a full 30 days — yes some months have 31 and sometimes February has 29… so do they allow for that to be factored into the billing? NO!

What can you do?

Do what I did, find someone on your own, you don’t need a damn boy or girl giving you a thumb up or down or rating you hot or not because they are hiding behind a computer or phone. Get out there, find a local event for singles, and if you are a church go-er find a singles group and meet people. There are so many ways TO GET OUT and find someone.

I found my special someone at a place I worked at. He was in the drive-thru, and I was the barista… The first time I looked at him, I swear I said “he is so damn good-looking” and 2 years later, here we are, still dating.

It’s not going to be easy for everyone but there is someone out there for everyone. If you are gay, straight, bi or trans… there is someone out there wanting to love someone for who they are and NOT for who they “want” the person to be.