This post consists of personal experiences recently going on in my family. Please note that the names of my family WILL NOT be posted and that all issues are real.


36 years and 2 months ago, I was adopted to a pair of people who were wanting a child since they couldn’t have children themselves, and there I was, the first one adopted. And four years later, my sister was adopted and our childhood had ups and downs but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

After a while, I was told I was adopted along with my sister. I was more accepting about it than my sister, and that is why there are some issues going on.

Recently within the past year, our parents paid for us to do a search for our birth parents. Mine was easier to find and a week later, my sister found her mother too.

Along with finding the parents, there was supposed to be a psychological evaluation that was paid for with the fee to finding our parents. The evaluation lasted 20 min, in which I had to find my own therapy.

So here we are, in 2019 and things are not going too well on both sides. I am dealing with my parents being hurt by my sister, and then I am having to deal with some mother issues on my side too, and dealing with two different situations is pretty hard, but I am strong enough to take it all on.

The Feeling of being Hurt

I know the feeling of being hurt all too well, but it’s not the same as someone breaking your heart when your young and in a relationship. This feeling is a little different to the fact that when you get hurt, it is because someone decided to say they wanted to focus on child and not on all three kids. Then you know how I felt when I heard that.

It does suck, and I didn’t tell my parents until a couple months later, after I did some therapy because of the hurt. And then, a few people felt like I came into the family and stole the limelight from them and then wanted to go on a ranting spree… which included calling me a “fag” and saying this is what “fags” do to their family.

First thing, I don’t know my biological family all that well to take the “limelight” from anyone, and I don’t plan on it either. In fact, my main concern is knowing where my bloodline comes from and who we can potentially be related to. Never know, I may have royalty blood :-O

A Fresh New Start

I am now on a new regimen to start fresh and new, since it is 2019 and I haven’t started any of my new years resolutions yet, I figure it is time to do that now. As my previous post about HFCS, I will be slowly removing HFCS from my life and going to a more organic way of living, in some cases a new life style is what is needed to start fresh.

So, have you or anyone you know been through something like this? Tell them about this post OR comment below!