High Fructose Corn Syrup

HFCS or High Fructose Corn Syrup makes most of our food we eat and most of the drinks we drink taste of so freaking good, right? But are there health risks involved?

Health Issue: Weight Gain

HFCS as a common sweetener in soda (carbonated drinks) and fruit drinks is that even some teas like Lipton have are made with HFCS. This can also cause weight gain (aka Obesity) and other related health issues which can include, but not limited to, diabetes and other serious health issues.

Heart disease is one of the highest risk health issues that can be contributed by many things like smoking, too many fatty foods and so much more. But, this is all according to the Mayo Clinic’s website from a document by Katherine Zeratsky, RD, LD.

Are there healthier alternatives?

Of course there are, a lot of diet sodas (if not all of them) are made WITHOUT HFCS, which is good, but they also contain
Phenylalanine which is almost like Sweet n’ Lo or Stivia. Now, as some may have not known, there is a syndrome called PKU or Phenylketonuria is a certain health/genetic disorder and can be a serious health concern. If you feel you might be at risk, consult your doctor for a test for PKU.

Stay Healthy!

Like with me with Celiac Disease, it is hard NOT to eat bread, since he is my favorite and delicious friend. I have to watch what I eat now, because if I don’t I can really destroy my small intestines. Just like with any disorder, genetic or non-genetic, you have to make the right choice for you!