The Featured Image

As you can tell, from the featured image, that is my mother. As some of you may KNOW, I am adopted, so she was the only woman I knew and grew up with for 36 years.

As much, we have had our good times, bad times and the worst of times, but the love she gave me never once, became conditional. She pushed me in school and when I was in college to do my best.

Just last year, I found my birth mother and biological brother. After November, when my Uncle passed away, things were said and I recently made the choice to remove them from my life. As hard as that is, it hurts me because I want my brother and mother in my life, but I don’t want their drama. (different post)

When were you born and adopted?

I was born on the morning of December 5, 1982, and I was adopted less than a month later. Trust me, I couldn’t have asked for a better mother, especially with one who knew nothing about parenting but did you damn best to make sure me and my adopted sister had a roof over our heads.