This post is about a phenomenon that may not sit well with a few people. Some have categorized this a PARANORMAL. Those who may not like the Paranormal, please do not read further.

Trumpets of God

In some religions, just like that of the Church of Christ, there is a biblical story where people surrounded a fort of some sort and all at once, they blew their trumpets and the walls came tumbling down. But can this actually happen and is it more mythical than fiction?

As a person who grew up as the Preachers Kid, I heard ALL the stories of the Bible, but then I heard stories that others were telling from the bible, BUT, were telling them in their own way. As a kid, I loved listening to ALL sorts of stories that consisted of “unworldly” or anything that caught my attention.

Fact or Fiction?

In some ways, as humans, we tend to question things from being Fact than Fiction. So how can we decipher what is real and not real? In fact, it is really hard to do that and below are some videos that you can hear “strange” noise.

This is a compilation of different videos that have the different strange noises

Can this be explained?

In some aspect, it can. Have you ever heard Jupiter talk? Yes I am talking about the planet Jupiter. But in the following video, all 9 planets have sounds, so tell me which one you think sounds like the “strange” noises heard all over the world.

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