What is Space Exploration

Space Exploration is a way of exploring what is out there in the vast open universe we live in, we even named a few like the Andromeda Galaxy, The Milky Way (not the candy bar) and The Horse Show Nebula.

How to Explore – The Fun Way!

There are many different ways on how to explore the universe we live in. We have Google Maps (online) only accessible through Google Chrome (which sucks ass!). We also had a project that was powered by Microsoft called WorldWide Telescope which is both a web and desktop client (now under American Astronomical Society)

You can also use a normal Telescope that you can view stars and planets within our Solar System in which is one way I love exploring our solar system.

I love just looking at the sky and imagining what it would feel like to step on another planet. You know, like the big imagination we should all have.

What about Space Travel?

The following is from Kurzgesagt on YouTube titled “Space Elevator – Science Fiction or Future of Mankind?”

The Space Elevator

How much longer?

It could be this year, it could be 2050 before we can ACTUALLY get ourselves into Outer Space! So, you can check out Space.com or NASA.gov (if in the United States) OR your respective Science Organization/Department for your Country.

Final Thoughts

What are your thoughts on this, do you think, us as a Human Civilization be able to go to other planets and look for places and explore?